Where to stay in Andorra - Best Areas

Where to stay in Andorra – Best Areas

Let’s find out Where to stay in Andorra, how to choose the best areas. Staying in Andorra without spending a fortune is not complicated. It mostly depends on the kind of trip you want to make and the places you want to visit (like any other trip), it will be convenient for you to stay in one part of the country or another, although it is very well connected and you will be able to reach all places in a short time. In this post we tell you about the best areas and hotels to stay in Andorra .


1. The cheapest option: Sleep in Andorra la Vella

Andorra la Vella

It is clear that everything depends on the hotel you choose, but if you want cheap prices, Andorra la Vella will be your option. The capital of the country is the one that concentrates most of the hotel offer in the city, so it is also the one that can offer the most competitive prices.

It is clear that if you visit Andorra for the purpose of skiing, it is not the best option since it does not have direct access to any slope. However, if your visit is purely tourist and leisure, we believe that it is the best area to stay in Andorra . There you will find department stores and shops of all kinds.

So that you have a price reference, we sleep in a 5-star hotel for 80$ a night with breakfast included and located in the heart of the city. In general, prices in Andorra are similar throughout the year, since the low season in Spain coincides with the high ski season.

The best hotels in Andorra la Vella:

2. Les Escaldes-Engordany, perfect if you are looking for a hotel with a spa

Andorra - Les Escaldes-Engordany

Between Les Escaldes-Engordany and Andorra la Vella there is not much difference. In fact, we don’t even notice when we change from one location to the other when we walk along Avenida Meritxell, which is renamed Avenida Carlemany when the municipality changes.

In Les Escaldes there is also a wide range of hotels. If you are looking to sleep in a hotel with a spa and relax for a few days in its thermal waters, we believe that it is the best area to stay in Andorra . Tourism in les Escaldes has grown a lot in recent years and it is because it has Caldea, the largest thermal center in Europe.

Our recommendations in Les Escaldes-Engordany:

3. Encamp, if you want to stay in Andorra for skiing

Andorra Encamp

If you don’t have a very high budget and you travel to Andorra to combine skiing with tourism, we believe that Encamp is the best option . First, because there you will find quite cheap hotels compared to other areas with direct access to ski slopes. And it is that if you enter through Spain, in Encamp you will find the first access to the Grandvalira ski resort. The Funicamp will take you directly to Grandvalira from this town. So it must be a convenience to be able to leave the hotel with your ski boots on.

In addition, it is also very practical to visit Andorra la Vella since it falls very close to the capital. That allows you to ski in the morning and go shopping in the afternoon. And you will not only be close to this city, but also to other attractions such as the Romanesque wonder of Les Bons, which falls right next to it. Without a doubt, we believe that Encamp is one of the best areas to stay in Andorra.

This is also a nice option if you want to go to Andorra with kids. Good accommodation options in Encamp:

4. Soldeu, the perfect place to stay in Andorra for skiing

It is clear that if your visit is tourist, it is better not to go too far from Andorra la Vella. But if you want to ski, we believe that there is no better area to stay in Andorra than Soldeu . This population is dedicated entirely to skiing. There are many bars, even some pubs-discos where you can have a good time. In this sense, Soldeu is much more fun and lively than Encamp. It is also the most practical area since you will be super close to the slopes.

Good accommodation in Soldeu:

5. Ordino, peace and tranquility

Andorra Ordino

And finally, if you are looking for peace and tranquility on your trip to Andorra, we advise you to sleep in Ordino. This town is charming. Its cobbled streets and its slate facades will not leave you indifferent . In addition, a few kilometers away you can make beautiful excursions such as Los Lagos de Tristaina.

It may not be the most practical option, but if you are looking to disconnect for a few days, it is a fantastic option to stay in Andorra. Also, despite not having much variety, the prices are quite cheap. You can find hotels from €60 per night.

Our recommendations in Ordino:

Ensana Team
Ensana Team