Where to stay in Acapulco

Where to stay in Acapulco? – The best areas

Acapulco is a popular tourist destination in Mexico, known for its beautiful beaches, nightlife, and water sports. When it comes to choosing where to stay in Acapulco, there are many options depending on your budget and preferences. If you are in Mexico City, it is only 390 km or 5 hours to get to Acapulco, from Toluca about 5 and a half hours, from Puebla just under 5 hours and from Cuernavaca it is even less, 3 and a half hours that separate one from the other destination.

With such a short distance, getting away from the chaos for a couple of days is well worth the trip; you will be able to take advantage of the sea, the good energy that is enjoyed in the port, the rich gastronomy of Guerrero and many entertainment options that will surprise you.

Where to stay in Acapulco?

Where to stay in Acapulco

Acapulco is located in the Mexican Pacific and has some incredible beaches along its coast with an extension of 20 km that go from La Quebrada, to the north, to Barra Vieja, to the south of the city. Undoubtedly, this paradisiacal place has a lot to offer and you can choose which of its three zones, the Traditional Zone, the Golden Zone and the Diamond Zone, will be the one you like the most to stay, walk around and discover its most beautiful places.

Although each one has its charm, with this post you will be able to answer our question, What is the best area of Acapulco?…

Traditional Zone ( Acapulco Náutico)

This area can be said to be the “oldest” since it was developed in the 1930s and 1960s, but it still retains its beauty and has fascinating places to visit. The city center and the International Transatlantic Port are part of its attractions, there you will find emblematic places such as the Zócalo and the Cathedral of Nuestra Señora de la Soledad, a temple that surprises with the beauty of its interior, as well as the Fort of San Diego , another of its icons worth admiring.

Very close to there you will find the famous area of La Quebrada with its star divers and a few steps further you will find one of the places with the most incredible views of the city such as the Sinfonía del Mar Viewpoint.

In the area there are beaches such as Langosta beach, Caleta beaches, Caletilla, Larga beach, Manzanillo beach, Tlacopanocha beach, Tamarindos beach and Hornos beach is the last one; If you have time, go ahead and meet them all, each one has a special little place to have a great time.

Now known as Acapulco Náutico, the area has a good hotel offer, there you will find the famous Flamingos hotel, where you can also stay and enjoy one of the suites that at the time was the room of a Hollywood star. After this brief description, we can say that this area is recommended for those who want to appreciate the oldest tourist attractions and enjoy the charms of the “old” city, with a plus, the beautiful Isla de la Roqueta, located a few minutes from the coast.

Golden zone

Acapulco Golden Zone

If you want to know the Golden Zone, you have to go to the area located between Parque Papagayo and Icacos beach, a space that was developed between the years 1960 and 1990 and where the largest number of hotels and condominiums in the destination are concentrated.

Acapulco Dorado has a large tourist influx and its beautiful beaches, located along the bay and parallel to the famous Costera Miguel Alemán avenue, have numerous proposals to enjoy, food services, water sports, wide sandbanks to relax and much more. further.

The beaches in this tourist area are Papagayos beach, El Morro beach, La Condesa beach and Icacos beach.

Among the main attractions of this area we find the Papagayo park, an ideal place to enjoy nature and with many proposals to spend an incredible day; Another option is Parque El Rollo, a renowned water park with large green spaces to have fun with family and friends. The golf club joins the proposals. You also have the option of walking around the area and visiting the galleries with numerous boutiques, restaurants and other shops, some suggestions are Diana Galleries, Acapulco Galleries and be sure to visit the craft market where you can find that nice souvenir from your trip.

In addition, here you will find an active nightlife in the part of La Condesa with the most renowned clubs such as Baby O.

This area is perfect for those who want to fully enjoy Acapulco’s tourist offer, with a variety of hotels and services, places to visit, entertainment and other activities that meet the expectations of its visitors.

Diamond Zone

Acapulco Diamond Zone

The Diamante area is the newest and concentrates the greatest development and investment in the port; there you will find the most exclusive hotels and resorts of international chains and luxurious private residences. It is located between the Scenic Highway in the Las Brisas area, passing through Puerto Marqués and Punta Diamante until reaching Barra Vieja beach.

Although the beach areas in this area are small, their beauty cannot be denied; Barra Vieja beach has the largest sandbanks, it is the perfect place for those looking for big waves, incredible sunsets and delicious fish. Nearby, El Revolcadero beach is another favorite for surfers and lovers of horseback riding.

Playa Majahua and Playa Pichilingue, part of the Bay of Puerto Marqués, are the most beautiful in the area and I would dare to say that of the destination, with gentle waves and perfect for relaxing and enjoying the sea with the mountains as a backdrop.

Here you can visit the Botanical Garden, the Tres Palos Lagoon and the El Veladero National Park; don’t miss the beautiful views from the Chapel of Peace.

La Isla shopping center is among the places chosen to walk; Also in that area is the Forum Mundo Imperial, venue for national and international concerts, and another popular place is the Princess Mundo Imperial, a resort that once a year hosts one of the most important international events in the country. , the Mexican Tennis Open. We have to say that this area is the most expensive of the destination and you may need a car to facilitate the walks, but it is worth knowing whether you are staying there or just want to walk around.

When choosing where to stay in Acapulco, it’s important to consider your budget, interests, and the type of experience you want to have. You can find a variety of accommodation options ranging from budget-friendly hostels and hotels to luxury resorts and villas.

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