Carnival in Andorra

When is Carnival in Andorra?

Andorra celebrates its own version of Carnivals, known as “Carnestoltes,” which is a colorful and festive celebration that takes place before Lent. The Andorran Carnivals are a popular event for locals and visitors alike, with parades, costumes, and traditional music and dancing.

When is the Carnival in Andorra?

The Carnival in Andorra, known as “Carnestoltes,” is typically celebrated in late February or early March, just before the start of Lent. The exact dates of the carnival can vary from year to year, as it is calculated based on the date of Easter, which changes annually.

It is always recommended to check the specific dates and locations of the carnival celebrations before planning a trip to Andorra during this time.

What happens and where does it takes places?

The Carnivals feature parades, floats, and costumes, with participants dressed in colorful and often elaborate outfits. Music and dancing are also an important part of the celebrations, with traditional Andorran music and dances being performed throughout the streets.

The Andorran Carnivals take place in several towns and villages throughout the country, including Andorra la Vella, Encamp, and Sant Julià de Lòria. Each town has its own unique celebrations, with parades and events taking place throughout the week-long festivities.

Other activities: In addition to the parades and traditional music and dancing, the Andorran Carnivals also feature a range of other activities, such as children’s workshops, food and drink stalls, and live performances.

Overall, the Andorran Carnivals are a colorful and lively celebration that showcases the country’s rich cultural traditions. Whether you’re a visitor or a local, the Carnivals are a must-see event that offers a unique and unforgettable experience.

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