Workout: More Repetitions or More Weight?

Training Gym Heavy Lift

Not a few training centers claim to that in order to lose weight and body fat, the better choice is to increase repetitions with less intensity. That is, longer series with less weight. However, working at a higher weights allows adequate progress of the human body in a daily physical routine.

So, there is a question flying around all the time, wich one are more important for us: more repetitions or more weight. Like a lot of things in life, it really depends. Or maybe not.

When we start making excercise in our life, it is really importat to know what types of exercises would benefit us in order to get our goals become a reality. A lot of concepts comes into play, intensity, weights, nutrition, etc. But the first one wich we have to face is in gym. It involves the exercises and how are we going to do them.

The truth is that, if the person does not perform an exercise with the optimal and adequate weight, then he is not working out properly. For example, doing a rutine with a weight that allows you to do 3 maximum repetitions gives us a greater intensity for the body than if you work with one that allows you to do 8, and more if we can push it to 15.

Is more reps or more weight better?

It is often incorrectly related that a longer exercise, which involves many repetitions, will allow you to burn more body fat. A lot of people do this in order to lose some fat. But the truth is that the greater the intensity applied in the workouts, in high loads at low repetitions, the greater the muscle mass will be gained; therefore, in the medium term, the fat that is burned will be greater too.

The muscle fibers that can increase their size, which are the ones we have to pay attention when we follow a fat loss plan, are those with the highest excitability threshold. That is, those that require a higher intensity to be activated. If the number of repetitions is increased too much, the intensity is inevitably reduced. With this we take the risk of not being able to activate precisely this type of fibers.

To achieve good muscle tone and burn fat responsibly, weight and a quality technique must be our priority in each workout instead of indefinite light repetitions. With this type of exercise we can generate greater muscle hypertrophy, which is key to increasing fat burning alongside a proper diet.

Increasing repetitions will not help in a workout to burn fat if the intensity of work isn’t the right one. With exercises of good intensity, with 6 to 12 repetitions, with speed and cadence, you will be able to burn much more fat in less time.