The most famous Beach in Cancún

Which is the most famous beach in Cancun? This is an invitation to take a tour of one of the most beautiful places you can find in the Mexican Caribbean. Cancún is one of the favorite destinations in Mexico, both for foreign tourists and national visitors, all agree that this beautiful city is an excellent option for vacations.

Among the main reasons for its great appeal we have the Cancun beaches that dazzle with their white sand and a sea in turquoise blue tones that create the perfect setting for a pleasant rest. But, there are many beaches in Cancun and each of them has its charm, so we are going to learn more, and of course, identify what we can say is the most famous beach.

Where are the beaches in Cancun ?

Before talking about which is the most famous beach in Cancun, it may be a good idea to know where the beaches are located in the city, that is, how they are geographically distributed. Having a mental map of the beaches will be very useful if your plan is to get to know and enjoy each of those beautiful little corners by the sea to the fullest.

In the first place we can locate the beaches by zones, we have the beaches of the Hotel Zone, those of the Puerto Juárez zone and those located in the newer zone that is to the north, the Costa Mujeres zone (the latter actually corresponds to the territory mainland of Isla Mujeres).

The most visited beaches are found in the hotel zone of Cancun, which extends for about 25 km starting at km 0 of Boulevard Kukulkan. There are beaches such as Playa Langosta, Playa Tortugas, Playa Gaviota Azul, Playa Forum, Playa Chac Mool, Playa Marlin, Playa Delfines, etc.

In the second area mentioned, there are the beaches of Puerto Juárez and Playa del Niño, two beautiful beaches chosen mainly by local people.

Finally, the Costa Mujeres area has almost virgin beaches, being a recently developed area, access to the beaches is not very easy as there are several hotels, however, if you dare, you can go as far as known as Isla Blanca, and there you can enjoy an incredible beach and you can even camp.

Which is the most famous beach in Cancún?

The interesting thing about knowing the names of the beaches is that you can investigate a little more about them, for example, knowing the services that you find there such as shops, bathrooms, parking or knowing the type of waves will be of great help so that you can enjoy the destination better.

Some details to consider are that in the hotel zone you will have a greater offer of services with shops, gas stations, public transport, shopping malls near the beaches and more.

The northern zone is a different case, in Puerto Juárez access is a little more complicated and if we talk about Costa Mujeres you should consider that there is almost no access to the beaches due to hotels, except, as we mentioned before, in the part of Isla White; In addition, there is no public transport and there are no shops or gas stations either.

In the case of the waves, it is varied and does not necessarily depend on the area. In the hotel zone you will have beaches like Playa Delfines, which has more intense waves, but there is also Playa Langosta, with very calm waves, perfect for going with children…

When asked which is the most famous beach in Cancun, opinions may vary a bit since there are at least 3 options that can occupy the podium. However, no one can deny that Playa Delfines fully deserves first place as the most famous beach in Cancun .

  • The merits of this beach to be ranked number 1 are its natural conditions that allow you to enjoy wide white sand banks with a radiant turquoise sea next to it.
  • You must consider that it is an area of ​​open sea, this implies that the sea has strong waves, but it is not an impediment to enjoying a dip carefully on the shore.
  • In addition, you will find the famous giant letters with the word “CANCÚN” and a viewpoint that gives you wonderful postcards, perfect spots for your photos.

Playa Delfines is located at kilometer 18 of the hotel zone of Cancún and you can get there either by car or public transportation, Routes R1 and R2 have their last stop there. The good thing about this beach is that it has services such as bathrooms and showers, parking, wheelchair access, there are palapas in the beach area (they are free), there are lifeguards that protect the area and much more.

This beach is chosen for some events such as the Via Crucis at Easter or a rave-type party on a weekend and is the place chosen to say goodbye to the Old Year and receive the New Year, a night that cannot be postponed at Playa Delfines. Something not so positive is that there are no shops in the area, and wheather may be a little problematic. So it is important that you go prepared and learn something about Cancún from official sources.

Ensana Team
Ensana Team