Nightlife in Ghent

Nightlife in Ghent – Best Bars and Clubs

Ghent is renowned for having one of the best nightlife scenes in the country. The Nightlife in Ghent makes it a perfect destination for a fun night out. With thousands of students and a vibrant atmosphere, the city is known for its cool music scene and bustling nightlife.

For trendy places to visit, Oude Beestenmarkt is the ideal location, while De Vlasmarkt is the go-to destination for night owls. Students flock to De Overpoort, which is open until late in the morning, ensuring a lively atmosphere all night long.

These are some of the best Clubs, Bars and Night Cafés or Restaurants in “Nightlife in Ghent”

1. Club Central

A famous Latin dancing and cocktail bar. Large salsa bar with a cocktail bar, lounge bar and impressive medieval dance basement, “Cirq Central” (only for rental).

2. Gomez

Belgium Ghent Gomez Bar

Start the evening here with an aperitif, enjoy little dishes and let the night unfold around you. The ceiling is a real eye-catcher, inspired by Russian prison tattoos. The name is a tribute to the former Portuguese star footballer Nuno Gomes.

3. Hot Club Gent

Very well hidden jazz bar with a southern feel and a small indoor terrace in a narrow side alley of Groentenmarkt. From September to May, you can attend jazz concerts in the evening from Sunday to Thursday. Established names and up-and-coming talent play all kinds of jazz.

4. Charlatan

Belgium Ghent Charlatan

This club is probably as well-known as its location, the Vlasmarkt. Music and graffiti lovers are served hand and foot. Because, in addition to the various great music genres you hear, practically all walls are beautifully decorated with graffiti artworks. A treat for the eye and the ear.

Do you really want to immerse yourself in the history of this legendary club? It forms the baseline for the film Belgica and was mostly filmed here. In this film directed by Felix van Groeningen, you can learn all about how the local club became the nightlife hot spot in Ghent.

5. Abacho 2K18 – Silent Disco

Belgium Ghent Abacho Silent Disco

A night out in Abacho 2K18 is a unique experience. It is the first silent disco in Belgium, where you can dance to your favourite music… in silence. In this club, you are given a pair of headphones when you arrive. Simply choose your favourite music channel and set the volume. The colour of your headphones reveals your music choice and shows which DJ is most popular on the dance floor. Tons of fun guaranteed! The club also plays music at a low volume for people who would rather chat at the bar.

6. Bar des Amis

The bar for true friends. Everything in this bar comes in duplicate. Two floors, two bars, double the fun. Here you will find the longest bar in Ghent! Bar des Amis and Polé Polé make one big family. You can show off your best dance moves to contemporary music.

7. City Brewery Artevelde

Belgium Ghent City Brewery Artevelde

This brewery located in the city centre brews three beers: the Artevelde Pilsner, the Leute and the Wijze. A spacious tap room and the brewery are located on the ground floor. The monumental stairs or the lift take you to the second seating area and the meeting room. The black-and-white design gives the interior an elegant loungy look. Weather permitting, you can take a seat in one of the outdoor areas.

A tip to help you choose your beer: “Wie wijs wil zijn moe ne Leute drinken, Wie leute wil hebben moet ne Wijze drinken.” (If you want to be sensible, have a Leute, if you want to have fun, have a Wijze).

8. Café de Loge

The Café de Loge is open for drinks and snacks throughout the day and evening. Among other things, you can choose from 70 varieties of beer here. In good weather, sit back and relax on the street terrace. You can also use the indoor terrace when the weather is less favourable. There are free live concerts on Wednesday and Sunday evenings.

Ensana Team
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